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The Photographer

The artists planning A Realist View hired Guy Gillette to take the photo for the show program. Guy initially photographed the group of artists inside Daniel's studio, and then Daniel suggested they try posing on the roof. Guy tried a couple of different angles and arrangements to find the best one. Twenty years after the show, in 1981, the artists once again posed on a rooftop in front of Guy's camera, and this time, Stuart was actually there -- in 1961 his image was added to the official photo in the darkroom.

artists in studio

9 artists in Daniel's studio

Guy Gillette was born in Minnesota in 1924. He moved to New York City to pursue an acting career, but along the way developed his skills as a photographer. In the 1940s his photographs began to appear in major magazines such as Fortune, Life, Look, Theater Arts, Harper's Bazaar and Collier's.

alternative rooftop photo

An alternative 1961 rooftop photo

Guy was drafted in 1942, but he never saw action in World War 2. However, later he spent three months at the front during the Korean War shooting stories for the Red Cross. His Korean War work received much acclaim, including the Missouri's School of Journalism award for best picture story. He later moved from editorial to commercial work, and he photographed the Civil Rights movement and the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in the Sixties. His portfolio boasts numerous political figures from Queen Elizabeth II to President Eisenhower.

Official 1961 rooftop photo

The official 1961 rooftop photo

Guy has won many awards for both his editorial and commercial work and has had several solo exhibitions in the U. S. and Europe, including a retrospective at the Hudson River Museum in 2006. His photographs are held in both public and private collections.

the 1981 rooftop photo

The 1981 rooftop photo

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