Herb Steinberg Robert White David Levine Daniel Bennet Schwartz Aaron Shikler Sheldon 'Shelly' Fink Harvey Dinnerstein St. Julian Fishburne Burt Silverman Stuart Kaufman Seymour Remenick

The Show

A Realist View took place at the National Arts Club in Manhattan from May 2 - May 22. 1961. The 11 artists represented in the show were Harvey Dinnerstein, Sheldon (Shelly) Fink, St. Julian Fishburne, Stuart Kaufman, David Levine, Seymour Remenick, Daniel Bennett Schwartz, Aaron Shikler, Burt Silverman, Herb Steinberg and Robert White.

show program show poster

The show program and poster

show ad

A classified ad for the show

Here's a list of the works included in the show:

Harvey Dinnerstein

The Brownstone

The Motorcycle Ride

Pregnant Woman, Nude

Pregnant Woman

Clinton Square, Newburgh

In The Kitchen

Hudson River Town

Sheldon (Shelly) Fink

House Painter


Old Man

Mother & Child Reading

Ieneke, Sleeping


Boy with Blue Hat

St. Julian Fishburne

New Paltz in Snow

Still Life, Chair

Seated Nude

The Novel

The Red Coat


Still Life, Carp

Stuart Kaufman

Empty Room

N. J. Landscape

View of Paterson

Picture Dealers

Boy in a Striped Shirt

Girl in Blue

David Levine



Preliminary Examination


Fourth of July

The Redhead


Seymour Remenick

St. Peter & Paul Reconstruction

Bridge Across the Schuylkill

Still Life

Studio Still Life

Still Life with Grapefruit

View of Manyuk

Daniel Bennett Schwartz

Triumphant Distance Runner

Big Daddy

The Actress

Sunday Morning

Clouds Breaking Over Paris

Western Town

Park on Sunday

Aaron Shikler

Wedding Preparation

The Spanish Frame

After the Bath

The Porcelain Cats

The Empire Coat

The Appraiser

Child Painting

Burt Silverman

The Family Circle

The Ballad Singer

St. Theresa's in Brooklyn

Boy with a Mask

Storm Over Gowanus

The Trumpet Player


Herb Steinberg

The Naval Officer





Robert White

The Ploughman (plaster)

The Bar Room

The Bather




The Ploughman (terra cotta)

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